Original typed manuscript of Kerouac's "On the Road," in "Staggeringly Beat," Under the Sun, May 2019..

​​​Arthur  Plotnik, Author

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Other Literary Output 

"A Case of Retroactive Shame," in daCunha

With stories, essays, memoirs, and poetry, Arthur Plotnik has been practicing the advice offered in his books and columns on writing.  A select bibliography of published items from 2007 forward, with links  live as of 2017, follows the sample below.

Bacalhau português (Dried Salt Cod)
A gastronomic love poem

(appeared in 3elementsreview)

When they hung you on the racks to dry,
            a flattened, salted relic of your sea self,  
            you were redolent of old footwear,
            sex with strangers, love's unmentionables.  

Your corpus was crusty, fishy, a salacious sniff,
           before your passageway to heavenly cuisine,
           before they flushed you overnight in fresh water,
           before they bathed you in olive oil, grilled you—

your crust transmuted into soft white coins of flesh
           for me your lover to treasure, to possess,
           finding you by chance in a worker's restaurante
           when rain pounded the cobblestones of Lisbon,

and the touch of you on my lips and tongue—
           with your sweat of cabbage juice

           and your shameless, saline exudations—

           was first kiss in a night of little deaths.

                   *    *    *

Arthur Plotnik’s literary writings, 2007—
A select bibliography

“Philip Roth Bats Me In,” poem, Slow Trains, June 2007,

"I am that Candidate," op-ed, satire, LA Times, Dec. 15, 2007  online.

“The Menu Poet,” poem, Harpur Palate 7:1, summer 2007    (print)

“Seams,”  poem, Rambunctious Review 24, 2008; Honorable Mention 2006 Contest

“Stolen Wishes,” poem, Rosebud 43, 2008; Runner-up, William Stafford Award.

“Unabomber and I,” poem, Thema 21:2, summer 2009

“At Gordon Parks's Crib,” poem, Brilliant Corners 14:2, Summer 2010

“Weeping Willow, Move On,” poem, Comstock Review, spring/summer 2010          

“At the Home for Vogue Words,” poem, Comstock Review, Fall/Winter Awards Issue, winter 2011              

“Dwell Time,” short story, Thema 23:1, spring 2011

“Trump—A (Superlative) Legend in His Own Mind,” essay, The Morton Report, May 17, 2011, 

“Dwell Time,” Chapter One excerpt from novel. Booth: A Journal, 2011-12; Finalist in 1st Chapter contest.

“Survivng the Unabomber: A Memoir,” 
Airplane Reading 11/27/11; Featured piece of the week online, anthologized.

“How to write a superbissimo thank you note for a mirific, magnanimous gift,” Opinion Page essay, Christian Science Monitor, 1/13/2012. 

“Say it ain't so, Phil,” op-ed, Christian Science Monitor Book Section, 11/30/12, 
online; reprinted by The Daily Iowan

“I Studied Under Philp Roth,” poem,  The Cape Rock,  summer 2013.

“Close Encounter with My Pants,” memoir,  Temenos magazine, fall 2012

“My Mother’s Mattress,” memoir, Narrative Magazine, fall 2012, 

“Charting St. John,” poem, San Redro River Review, summer 2013

“Horse-Chestnut in Rut,” poem,  Glass: A Poetry Journal, June 2013, 

“Securing the Fortress: Notes of a Neighborhood Watcher,” essay and memoir, The Milo Review, fall 2013.  

"Monica Before Bolivia," short story, Split Lip Magazine, Nov-Dec 2013.

"Composed Upon a Jet Bridge," sonnet, Off the Coast," Fall 2013. Print and 

"Dermot's Question," long poem, Kindred Magazine, Winter 2013-14.

 "Library: The Most Beautiful Word?" essay, American Libraries, spring 2014.

"Wrong Turn," memoir, "Mistakes" issue, Creative Nonfiction, fall 2014.

"Nazare," poem, Runner-Up, Blue Lyra Review long poem competition, July 2014. (To be published elsewhere.)

"Precocious," flash fiction, Microfiction Monday, Nov. 3, 2014, 

"Flat Feet," "Lazy Eye," "On Being Arthur Plotnik," three poems Brickplight, Nov. 2014, 

"Guest Interview," short story, 2015 Albert Camus Prize runner-up, Red Savinia Review, March 2015,
 online.  Also, finalist, Walker Percy Prize for Short Fiction of the New Orleans Review  (withdrawn before final judging owing to earlier acceptance).

"My Potato Poked: A Pesky Gland Sends a Message," narrative essay,  The Examined Life Journal, spring 2015.

"Sap Rising: A Natural History of Neighborhood." Creative nonfiction.  Mud Season Review #16, January 2016.  

"Two Out of Three" (short story).  A Lonely Riot Magazine, September 2016. 

"Bacalhao portugues" (poem).  3elementsreview,  no. 12, fall 2016.  

"Blame It on the Sun" ( short story). Into the Void, October 2016 (paper &
paid digital issue). A​uthor  interview: https://www.facebook.com/intothevoidmagazine/posts/1373012706090675

"Shards" (short story). The Westchester Review​, 10th Anniversary Issue, May 2019 (print).  (An earlier unpublished version was awarded Honorable Mention, Glimmer Train September 2013 Fiction Open.

"Primary Things" (prose poem), Edify Fiction, Sept.2017. online.

"A Revelation at the Races" (short story from YA novel, "Bar Mitzvah Boy Loves Barf Girl"), for age 11 and up, Balloons Literary Journal, No. 7, Spring 2018. https://www.balloons-lit-journal.com/issue-7.html

Also, honorable mention, 2017 Short- Short Story Open Competition, Glimmer Train Press. Honor list

"A Case of Retroactive Shame," confessional memoir, daCunha, April 2008- . https://dacunha.global/ (subscription). 

"A Stand-Up Dying Young," poem, Flock, No. 20, summer 2018. 

"Smart Kid," flash fiction, New Flash Fiction Review​, Sept.  2018. 

​"A Parable for the Cruelist Season," poem, The Hungry Chimera, Vol. 1, No. 5,  Sept. 2018

"The Ledge," short story, Edify Fiction, summer 2019.

"Please Hold Your Answers," "The Meaning of a Dish Sponge,"  "Outgoing Voicemail from My Ex-Muse," Featured author, poetry, Burningword Literary Journal​April 2019.

"Staggeringly Beat," creative nonfiction, Under the Sun, May 2019. Nominated Oct. 2019 for a Pushcart Prize, prose

​"Haircut," essay, West Texas Literary Review, May 2019

"Bus Stop," poem, Free State Review, Winter 2020



From "Mud Season Review"