The go-to grammar-and-style website interviewed  Plotnik in a series featuring several prominent language mavens. A lively site worth visiting on its own. 


Grammarist: "What is so interesting about language/grammar to you?"

AP: "The potential for stimulation. Most of us crave this quality in our lives—       something to stir the ganglia, strop the wits, prick up the ears, transcend the ordinary, clear the fug, bring us together in the dance of being. And nothing can deliver this gift better than language, its messages framed and facilitated by grammatical conventions. . . . "

​Katie Stromme of the marvelous Mud Season Review did this interview in connection with my essay about the many ways a neighborhood changed and changed one's feelings.


KS: "As many of us are, I am drawn to writing that is rooted in place—like “Sap Rising” . . . But your piece is also very involved with time. Because of the many changes . . .  was it challenging to try to recapture the mood and vitality of that time period . . . ?"

AP: "One does . . . face the disappearance of original stimuli, like the ancient house next door—trigger for memories of a woman screaming “I want to die!” The house was replaced by an upscale dwelling whose insulated walls and windows stifle any sound. Yet, the ghosts of whatever stirred one’s literary antennae at a certain location have a way of haunting the aura of that place—call it “writer’s reiki,” a force or energy you feel as you pass nearby. . . ."

The Bookbag, a perky book-reviewing and literary site in the UK, had some fun in an interview after the publication of Better Than Great: A Plenitudinous Compendium of Wallopingly Fresh Superlatives


BB: "If pushed, could you possibly pick a favourite expression from the book?"

AP: "I love mind-marmalizing, with its suggestion of something so extraordinary or unexpected that it pummels the mind into marmalade: Mind-Marmalizing Choice of Plotnik as Nobel Laureate Shocks Literary Community! Forceful, even violent actions to body or mind make for energetic superlatives:  kneebucklingly sweet (David Foster Wallace). A wig-

walloping spectacle. Heart-judderingly sadArmor-piercingly gorgeous. . . . "


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Year of the Schmink! 
May 9, 2019, marked the paperback debut of
Aaron Schmink's First Crazy Love, Plotnik's new novel for young adults (11-17). A Kindle ebook was published in fall 2018.  The coming-of-age novel was inspired by Plotnik's youthful agonies in White Plains, NY, during the rocker-greaser-hipster 1950s, when being "cool" and suffering through a crush seemed a lot more important to him than anything else, including hated after-school preparations for an unwanted bar mitzvah.  See BOOKS.    

"Plotnik is the new young Roth." --Billy Collins, bestselling poet and former US Poet Laureate

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Christina O'Shaughnessy, who operates out of Geneva, Switzerland, is an experienced,  highly skilled, and convenient choice for Europeans needing an assist. An Irish native with 23 years experience as a United Nations editor, she now offers full time editing /proofreading in English (technical and general texts) and workshops in editing/writing for international organizations.  Also translates German and Spanish. She can be reached at Website:

Eva von Emden, editing out of Vancouver,  has a science background and can work/translate in English and Dutch. Her  special interests are editing academic and popular science writing and editing fiction, particularly science fiction, with an eye for detail and excellent language skills as well as wide general knowledge and a good sense of logic and common sense. Check out her site at:
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Daphne Gray-Grant also operates, wisely, out of beautiful Vancouver, handling work from all parts. She's an established  writing/communications coach and consultant with a compelling list of services that you can check out at

Jamie Lovett, whom one happy client called "an author's best friend,"  is one of the experienced staff at United Writers, a group providing the full range of services for authors as "independent publishers," from editing to, if desired, design and formatting for e-publication or print, art, and marketing. Pricing looks fair and upfront. 

On the air

Katherine Dunn show, Wisconsin Public radio, with Veronica Reukel. A smart
interview with call-ins. 

Interview on "Writers on Writing," with literary angel Barbara Demarco-Barrett, host, KUCI-FM, on iTunes College Radio; podcasts at 

Interview with guest host Jessica Page Morrell on "Susan Rich Talks, " on All Women’s Radio, Schuetz, co-host.

Irreverent host Scott Cluthe talks with with Plotnik on 
"Positively Incorrect" radio.

In a ten-minute segment of the NPR affiliate show, "Here and Now," Host Robin Young interviewed Plotnik about superlatives of praise. NPR also rebroadcast the interview as a Valentine's special. The archived tape has passed into the ether, but the notes and comments are here on the show's site. 

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